a career in healing that pays the rent.

You may be a massage therapist, counselor, yoga teacher, energy worker, therapist, chiropractor, life coach, or other wellness professional:

  • You give.  You help.  You heal.
  • You have a unique voice and vision. You have gifts to give to the world.
  • You know you were born to make a difference & just don’t know where to begin.
  • Maybe your practice has hit a “wall,” and needs nurturing to grow and expand.

Dreaming of 

your Own Holistic Health Business?

If you’re a holistic health visionary ready to start your practice, this may sound like you:

  • I am ready to make a difference in the lives of others – but there’s so much to do, I freeze before I get started.
  • I have so many passions, interests, talents, and gifts, I don’t know how to integrate them all in a business practice that makes sense.
  • I’m afraid to leave my 9 to 5 without a steady income before going all-in.
  • I live in a remote area, there aren’t enough clients around to run a successful studio or practice.
  • I have kids and a family to care for it’s selfish to pursue my dream until they’re on their own.



Starting your own holistic health business coach

Ready to Grow

your Wellness Studio or Healing Practice?

Your doors are open, you’ve established your business, now you’re ready to expand your reach:

  • You are a conscious, heart centered holistic practitioner… you’ve made the investment in  your dreams and desires.
  • You’ve lovingly put in the hours of training, certification, and startup.
  • You’ve taken action toward your realizing your goals and manifesting your dream.
  • Now you’re ready to go to the next level – to (finally) write the book, to sell-out your tele-class, to deliver your message in inspirational talks all over the country and maybe the world!
  • You are already committed and all in – now, it’s time to go further!

Conscious Career Coaching

work 1-on-1 with Luna to:

  • Identify your niche – taking an approach to business that is in line with your ideals and passions as well as the market demands – because that’s where you’ll be most successful and effective in serving others.
  • Determine and reach your perfect clients – We’ll work together both strategically and energetically to attract the perfect clients and students who are ready, willing, able, and eager to invest in the gifts only you can offer.
  • Get creative and have fun in developing a solid foundation for the business side of your practice – mission statement, business plans, budget, and marketing strategy.
  • Transmit your unique message and voice through content, videos, mp3s, and tele-seminars that reach thousands of people in a significant and impactful way
  • Successfully build a practice you can manage from home, via phone or internet with clients around the world.
  • Set your own hours to fulfill the needs of your family while living your dream.
  • Turn an existing practice that’s treading water to stay alive into a thriving and profitable business while maintaining your spiritual integrity.


Coaching for Healers:

Start Making Money Doing Good

A commitment of three to twelve sessions is recommended to begin:

  • Prompts & exercises designed to get and keep you growing!
  • Monthly online classes delving into spiritual recovery & awakening. 
  • Connection with Kindred Spirits –  a private online networking play group for folks like you all over the world– share your stories, your dreams, your visions, your celebrations (and frustrations).
  • Luna’s exclusive Virtual HelpMeet Program – offering individualized daily connections with Luna (via web and mobile app) for co-creative visioning, affirmation of progress & guided meditations.
  • Archive access – All classes and individual sessions recorded and be available to listen and/or download.
  • Flexible Packages to fit your schedule and budget. Click here for options.


Ready to take the next step in growing or starting your holistic health practice?

Schedule a free business consultation with Luna†  getting to know each other and experiencing how she works. Then, you’ll together create a roadmap for your practice’s success! Individual journeys with Luna are personalized and eclectic, a synthesis of highly-potent tools and your unique talents and aspirations.

† By scheduling any appointment with Life Coach Luna, you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of the statement and policies found here.