Spiritual Contract Reading & Soul Contract Removal

Spiritual Contract Reading & Soul Contract Removal

Ever wonder why a certain person is in your life?  Or why the same type of person, job, or scenario continues to show up repeatedly?

Spiritual contracts are agreements we’ve made in previous lives with other souls to help initiate our spiritual growth and transformation in this life experience. They can even be contracts we’ve made with our past selves, like vows of poverty or oaths to secrecy that are blocking us from prosperity and freedom today.

Spiritual Contract Reading and Soul Contract Removal – that’s what some people call them.

In the experience and teachings passed down through Luna, they can’t really be removed and shouldn’t – they’re the lessons we’ve come here to learn and the classmates we’ve chosen to join us on the way (we’re teaching them too). So, rather than remove them, we look for ways to fulfill and then release them!

In a spiritual contract session with Luna, you’ll uncover the agreements you’ve made, recognize how they’re showing up in your life, and take practical steps to fulfill and release those that no longer serve. Using a unique blend of techniques including breathwork, guided relaxation and visualization, Luna will work with you to access, interpret and work with the agreements of your soul.

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