Psychic Training Online Free Assessment & Consultation

You Are Already Psychic!

…but then, you probably knew that.

  • Prompts & exercises designed to get and keep those intuitive juices flowing!
  • Monthly online classes delving into spiritual recovery & awakening. 
  • Connection with Kindred Spirits –  a private online networking play group for folks like you all over the world– share your stories, your dreams, your visions, your celebrations (and frustrations).
  • Luna’s exclusive Virtual HelpMeet Program – offering individualized daily connections with Luna (via web and mobile app) for co-creative visioning, affirmation of progress & guided meditations.
  • Archive access – All classes and individual sessions recorded and be available to listen and/or download.
  • Flexible Packages to fit your schedule and budget. Click here for options.

Intuition is part of your divine birthright. Now, learn how to use your psychic ability. Receive guidance, support, and practical tools in order to access and develop your innate spiritual gifts in this spiritual mentoring program.

Make Connections


We all have unseen helpers, who guide us and protect us along our journey during our lifetime.  Learn how to communicate with your own Spirit Guides, Angels, Crossed-Over Loved Ones, and Highest Self, and to conduct readings for yourself and others.


Access Your Psychic Power


You likely have already spontaneously experienced déjà vu or synchronicity, perhaps even spirit sightings or communication. But calling on and accessing our powers is not something that just happens – however, it is a skill that may be learned and developed.


Discover Your Life Path


If you’ve ever questioned why you’re here on this planet or what your purpose really is – you’re not alone!  Encouragement and practical tools to unleash your full potential and discover a more rewarding life for yourself.


Schedule a Psychic Training Online Free Assessment and Consultation† with Luna to begin your journey.

Psychic Training Online Free Consultation

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