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Introducing a brand new 1hr online workshop –

the Soul Food Solution


two class times (your choice)*

Sat. April 25th at 11am CDT or Tues. April 28th at 8pm CDT  

The class airs from the Central time zone in North America. For those in other areas/countries, the workshop will be recorded and available in streaming video 24 hours/day from Sat. April 25th at 11am CDT to Tues. April 28th at 9pm CDT 

Soul Food Online Weight Loss Workshop

How many times have you tried to “curb your cravings,” “moderate your intake,” “boost your metabolism?” Rather than “controlling your diet,” does the diet control you?

If other Online Weight Loss Classes, Methods & Workshops Have Failed You – this workshop is for you. See, because, this isn’t about weight loss, or cravings, or your will power.  See, this is the problem with most diets and weight loss programs – they play to a quality we’d all use if we were able to sufficiently access the power to do so.  However successful we may be in other respects, where food comes in, there seems to be something “blocking” us.  And there is…

Holistic Causes of Overeating Spiritual Weight Loss

One or all of these may seem to ring true for you, ultimately, whatever the physical cause or emotional/mental belief pattern causing the overeating and retained weight, it all comes down to one root cause – Spiritual Cravings.

And what do we do when we feel empty? We eat!

Though, our soul isn’t fulfilled with the substitute nourishment we offer it – we give a temporary sense of fulfillment, but the craving returns. It has to… the soul still doesn’t have what it needs. 


Here’s the greatest news ever – 

When we are spiritually fit, the spiritual appetite is fulfilled.

  • Our cravings cease, because we have all that we need. 
  • We are able to lovingly connect with our bodies
  • With heightened intuition we’ll understand what we need
  • Be willing and able to offer it without guilt, shame or (are you ready for this), willpower!!!

The answer is not will power, and it’s not a magic potion … 

It’s all about connecting with what your body, mind & spirit actually need in the moment. Your soul already knows – it’s trying to tell you…we just need to learn how to listen. There are simple exercises we can use to connect with your body, mind, spirit, and soul to ask and hear what each of them need.  


the Soul Food Solution

two class times (your choice)

Sat. April 25th at 11am CDT or Tues. April 28th at 8pm CDT 

All you need is an internet connection and a willing heart.

Your login details will be delivered by email 48 hours prior to the event.