Artists Way Online Group Class for Intuitive Development of Empaths

The Artist Way Classes – Online

New Year ~ New You Exploration Series

12 Sunday Evenings

7pm to 10pm CDT

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Product Description

Online Intuitive Training Course & Support Group for Empaths, Outcasts, Indigos, Healers & Creatives

Could your spiritual journey use a roadmap? How about a tour guide? And some awesome traveling companions? Are you longing for connection with your self, your Higher Power, and with like-minded friends?

Online life coach, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher Luna Grace will guide this group for those who wish to nurture their own intuitive potential and unleash their innate power to create a life of meaning and purpose…  Part telecourse, part book club, part support group, and part playdate – We’ll blend group life coaching with fun meditations, and creative projects, and explore Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way as a group foundation text. 

In this series of experiential PLAYshops you will discover, recover and develop your intuitive & creative powers:

  • Bring vitality & fun into your life
  • Learn who you are and what matters to you most
  • Clarify your gifts and how to live life on purpose
  • Free your creativity, and practice the art of intuitive living
  • Increase your self-confidence, understanding and compassion
  • Receive support, accountability and insight  from other spiritual seekers

Join us on Sunday evenings and be a part of this inspiring, creative journey. There is no artistic background or ability needed – All are welcome. All calls are recorded, so if you miss a live call, have a vacation planned, or live in another time zone, no worries – it’s easy to catch up and stay on track!

This popular course fills up quickly, so register early. There is immense power in investing in yourself; in making a commitment to show up for your own highest good. That said,  this work is powerful and I don’t want money to be the reason you don’t do it. So, here are 4 ways to join:

  • Full Course, only $120 (reg 4225)
  • 12 Weekly Payments: only $15 each
  • Join for one 6 week section: Part One or Part Two ($85 each)
  • SHARE THE LOVE – Register with a friend! ($200 for both)

Materials needed:

  • Internet connection with Google Hangouts
  • Suggest using headphones for meditations)
  • “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron – available at local bookstores and online.
  • A notebook for daily journal writing, simple spiral-bound school notebooks work great.


Sneak Peek into our Adventure:

  • Weekly Group TeleClass Calls – Twelve weekly 90-minute calls where we’ll gather for live weekly group. We’ll begin each weekly gathering with a presentation, after which, we’ll open for Q&A and discussion.  You will also experience a creative activity in each class such as: poetry and creative writing, vision board collage, mandala making, movement meditation, etc. We’ll then receive our fun readings and assignments for the coming week.
  • Online Vision Board and Gratitude Journal An online Vision Journal will be available for all of us to share, allowing us to exchange ideas and complete the work in a timely fashion which will help you see it through to the end.
  • Online Connection Meetup — Together, we’ll create an online meetup, where we’ll post ideas, inspirations, experiences with the work.  Waking up spiritually is not for wimps – so having help from each other will be a big bonus!
  • VIP Area — You’ll have access to a password protected VIP area online. So, if you miss a live call, or live in another time zone, no worries! You’ll be able to catch up and stay in touch with a video recording of the call & online chat with your co-creators 24/7.


Itinerary for our Expedition:

Part I: January 16 – Feb 20

(Note: You can participate in just this part!) Part One ($150 for 6 weeks)

  • Week One: Courage – Roadblocks, Limiting Beliefs, New Consciousness
  • Week Two: Identity – Attracting Positive Connections & Creative Community
  • Week Three: Power – Intuition, Synchronicity, Overcoming Criticism & Shame
  • Week Four: Integrity – Authentic Voice & Positive Surroundings
  • Week Five: Possibility – Breaking through the “No’s,” “If only’s,” and “Yeah, but’s”
  • Week Six: Abundance – Prosperity and Providence

~~break Feb 27th~~

Part II: Mar 5 – April 9

(Note: You can participate in just this part!) Part Two ($150 for second six weeks)

  • Week Seven: Connection – Overcoming Perfectionism and Procrastination
  • Week Eight: Strength – The Illusion of Time & Loss
  • Week Nine: Compassion – Increased Energy and Creative Break-thrus
  • Week Ten: Security – Ideas of Yours, Mine & Ours and Creating Balance
  • Week Eleven: Autonomy – Momentum and Identifying Success
  • Week Twelve: Faith – Putting it to Work