Meditation Coaching Package – 4 sessions

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Product Description

Individualized Meditation Coaching Sessions  (4 sessions): 

This individualized meditation package introduces you to the basics of meditation and mindful living.

This program includes:

  • 4 Private 60 min online Sessions with Luna ~ suggested: 1 per week (or bi-weekly)
  • 4 VIP reserved spaces for in our online Group Meditations ($60 value)
  • Recorded meditations, journaling prompts and practical exercises for use between sessions

Please Note: Your meditation coaching package includes 4 sessions which may be scheduled any time in the next sixty days. To avoid missing appointments due to heavy booking, we recommend you go ahead and schedule each of your appointments now at the times that work for you, based on your availability each week for the next 2 months.  You may, of course, reschedule later if something comes up, we just request 48 hours’ notice.