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Find Life Purpose through Meditation – Video Workshop


A step-by-step meditation course dedicated to finding and living your life purpose.  Learn practical exercises that may be used anywhere at any time when centering and strength is needed.  Your package includes 5 downloads to use on multiple devices or to share with friends – go on – spread the Love!!!


Product Description

Find Life Purpose through Meditation

Audio & Video Downloads

Learn to Meditate to find and live your life purpose in this step-by-step meditation course dedicated to increasing the confidence, vitality, and strength needed to find and fulfill your life’s purpose.  Learn practical exercises that may be used anywhere at any time when centering and strength is needed.

The class includes an introduction to the basics of meditation, dispelling some of the common misconceptions about meditation that stand in our way of achieving the desired results. Luna then gives a description of the exercises she’ll be teaching, followed by guided relaxation, moving into a simple breathing technique and guided visualization. Use the video and audio recordings as companions for practice at home, at work, wherever you need to feel grounded, centered, and on purpose. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to “quiet your mind” or “think of nothing,” you won’t be asked to in Luna’s classes. The experience is entirely guided by Life Coach Luna, and may be done in a seated position or lying down. Headphones are recommended to reduce outside disturbance or distractions.

 Your files will be available for immediate download – you’ll also receive an email with a link to your download.