Simple Steps & Spiritual Solutions for Overeating & Weight Loss

Simple Steps & Spiritual Solutions for Overeating & Weight Loss

Dear Luna,

My life is in quite good condition and stability is good. I have only one problem.. I tend to eat too much. I’m almost 43 and being overweight does not help my quality of life.

I know there are no hocus-pocus tricks to find peace. I’m not depressed, but I feel a kind of lack of something in my life. I really don’t know what I’m missing. Do you have any good advise to this matter?



Dear Soul Sister,

There are any number of metaphysical reasons for overeating – and none of them have anything to do with will power. I’d be willing to bet that in most other areas of your life, you have a great deal of character and determination.

This is the problem with most diets and weight loss programs – they play to a quality we’d all use if we were able to sufficiently access the power to do so.  However successful we may be in other respects, where food comes in, there seems to be something “blocking” us.  And there is…

Holistic Causes of Overeating Spiritual Weight LossOne or all of these may seem to ring true for you. Ultimately, whatever the physical cause or the emotional/mental belief pattern causing the overeating and retained weight, it all stems from one root – Spiritual Cravings.

Now, we know how physical cravings work, like when you want something random like tuna and only that will do – there are nutrients we’re lacking and our bodies send signals to tell us what they need. We may be lacking essential fatty acids, iodine for the thyroid, or protein.

What do we usually do? Well, sometimes we give it what it needs.  More often though we may try to give it something else, because there’s no tuna around, or we don’t have time to stop at the store or make some. So, we substitute with something else – peanut butter crackers or a can of soup. It may quiet the craving, but our body still doesn’t have what it needs. So, the craving will return. Stronger next time. And we repeat the pattern.

Well, our soul works the same way – we’re lacking spiritual nourishment. Our soul is telling us what it needs.  The thing is, we can’t interpret it because the food (or television, or work, or busy-ness) distracts us from hearing and experiencing the messages our Soul is sending us. When these diversions fail to continue working for us, only the emptiness remains.


And what do we do when we feel empty? We eat!

Again, though, our soul isn’t fulfilled with the substitute nourishment we offer it – they give a temporary sense of fulfillment, but the craving returns. It has to… the soul still doesn’t have what it needs.

Here’s the greatest news ever –

When we are spiritually fit, the spiritual appetite is fulfilled.

  • Our cravings cease, because we have all that we need.
  • We are able to lovingly connect with our bodies
  • With heightened intuition we’ll understand what we need
  • Be willing and able to offer it without guilt, shame or (are you ready for this), willpower!!!

The answer, my dear Soul Sister, is not hocus-pocus… but it is supernatural…

it’s about connecting with what the soul actually needs in that moment. Your soul already knows – it’s trying to tell you…we just need to learn how to listen. There are simple exercises we can use to connect with your body, mind, spirit, and soul to ask and hear what each of them need.


Simple Steps to Hear your Highest Self:

Beneath the reverberant chatter of your mind, there’s the “still, small voice” of your Soul. Next time you experience a craving, and the time after that, and the time after that.. practice the following exercise:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Become still.
  3. Take a deeeeeep breath in through your nose.
  4. Notice where you feel the craving in your body – you’ll likely be surprised that it’s not always in your stomach (sometimes it’s in the heart, the throat, even the back of the neck or palms of the hands).
  5. Ask your Highest Self, “what is it that I need?”

When I first began this practice, it seemed the answer I received more often than not was that I just needed to cry.  I often just need to move some energy around or release it (crying, especially uncontrollable sobbing, is great for this).

All it takes is a moment, a breath, and a whole lot of patience with yourself. As a Life Coach, it seems that’s my primary function, to remind you to be patient, to trust the process, and to give yourself the compassion you’d offer a suffering friend.


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