Reflections: Online Meditation Group

with @lifecoachluna

online meditation group with @lifecoachluna

For generations, spiritual seekers have come together in groups to connect, experience, and share the unique energies which pour forth each month during the new and full moons. By integrating the practice of through this online meditation group, we are joining together to strengthen and solidify the consciousness of Oneness.

In these powerful gatherings, you will be guided and supported in:

  • Centering with breath, deep relaxation
  • Honing the ability to focus your mind and energies with intention
  • Energizing yourself to a frequency for optimal wellbeing and health
  • Sharing the energy of restoration, health, wholeness and love with your loved ones.
  • Offering yourself as a channel for service to the world, and in so doing, raising the consciousness of all of humanity.

Our online meditation group begins with a short introduction before the meditation and offers time for shared reflection at the end. We meditate together as a group at 7:30pm Central on (or very near) the full moon of every month, click here to view the calendar. Space is limited, please do reserve your place with us!

Join Reflections: Online Meditation Group

Only $25/month

New Year’s Special: $150/one year

Both options include:

  • two hour-long group meditations per month
  • Exclusive access to archives to experience the meditations at your convenience (perfect when you’re unable to join us live, or just want to enjoy the experience again)


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