Karma Clearing Process with Online Life Coach Luna

Karma Clearing Process with Online Life Coach Luna

“To do away with darkness, all you need is to clear away that which is blocking the Light.” – Kane Tuma

We all come into this life carrying many unconscious beliefs, patterns, fears, and influences from the past. Everything is energy, therefore, these  may  that affect us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically. This is all to the good – although it often doesn’t feel good. We have come here to heal these wounds and to help others do the same. Online Life Coach Luna offers a karma clearing process revealing “leftovers” from this & past lifetimes that are keeping you stuck in depression, anxiety, physical pain or dis-ease, financial insecurity, sexual and body image issues.

During Karmic Illumination sessions, Luna builds a psychic bridge with your personal consciousness and guides connection with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, and crossed-over loved ones to uncover the  karmic “leftovers” that block your highest experience and expression in this life. Then, serving as a channel for Universal Life Force energy, Luna directs Light energy through your auric field and chakras in order to clear away the debris. All that is needed from you is a willingness to allow the Divine to flow. Your soul knows what is needed to clear, transform, renew and balance you at all levels; aligning you with your true purpose and your life’s path.

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