Indigo Child Test for Adults

Are you intuitive, independent and perceived as “weird”, “headstrong,” an "old soul" or “wise beyond your years?"  You may be an Indigo Adult.  Take our free Indigo Adult Test to discover your unique percentage score!



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I tend to be sensitive to the environment around me.
People consider me different, regardless of how hard I try to blend in
You feel totally frustrated by having to wait in line and most of the time you won’t do it.
I especially enjoy books, films or shows that help me to understand more about how the world works in all its mystery.
From a young age, I've been drawn to the unexplained and paranormal.
I believe that I have and was born with, an important life purpose.
I’ve like to teach and/or nurture others.
I know I have something really big to do in my life that will affect the whole world
I experience anxiety and/or depression
I feel understood and nurtured by my family and friends
I tend to be headstrong and willful.
I have a hard time staying asleep.
I am desperate to find meaning in my life.
I am perceived by other people as “strange” or “odd”.
School was a very difficult and trying ordeal for me.
I come across as being antisocial.
I have had psychic or supernatural experiences beyond what other people commonly report
I've been diagnosed with (or have symptoms of):
I fight for what I know is right, even the small day-to-day stuff
In school, my grades were an accurate reflection of my intelligence.
When asked to do something I ask, "why?"
Although I can be easygoing, my temper is definitely notable and can turn into rage.
I find myself in leadership roles.
I experience spirits or ghosts (seeing, feeling, hearing).
I experience deja vu.
I hate/feel uncomfortable in conventional jobs and learning environments.
I believe in Angels, fairies, pixies, witches...
I don’t respond to guilt trips and want good reasons for doing things. ‘Because I say so’ is never acceptable to me.
When visiting a new place, I feel strongly that I've been there before.
I do what I’m told.
I feel deeply lonely as though I am the only one like me.
I know things about people before they tell me.
I am angry when my rights or options are being taken away
I love helping people, yet I prefer to be left alone to sort out my own troubles.
I have a burning desire to make a contribution that changes the world and don't know where to begin.
I have strong desire to achieve a higher spiritual connection
I am rebellious and fed up with structure, control, authority and systems? (either outwardly, or you want to rebel but don't dare to)
I find myself in leadership roles.
I find today's systems - medical, educational, political and/or legal are broken or ineffective.
I am challenged to find appropriate, meaningful work.
I find most organized religions too confining or limiting.
I have dreamt something that later came true.
My emotions fluctuate drastically from extremely sensitive or emotionless.
In order to maintain emotional balance, it helps for me to express myself creatively (e.g. music, painting, writing, dancing etc.)
I experience night terrors or difficulties in falling asleep at night
As a child, did you expect to be treated as an equal rather than a child/youth?
Wearing sunglasses to cover my eyes in public gives me a sense of safety.
Other people consider me “wise beyond my years," or call me an "old soul."
I rely on my intuition.
I am empathetic, yet intolerant with stupidity.
When someone is lying to me I can feel it.
I am intolerant to gluten and/or dairy.
I experience sensitivity to electrical currents (watches don’t work, machinery breaks down in my presence, etc.)
People who see me for the 1st time tend to notice...
I have been described as quirky, unique, mysterious and/or uncooperative.
I have out-of-body experiences.
I feel a strong desire to improve and/or change the world.





Are you intuitive, independent, perceived as “weird”, “headstrong,” an “old soul?” You may be an Indigo Adult. Take our free Indigo Child Test to find out!