how to forgive yourself and others online life coach lunaLearning How to Forgive Yourself and Others is a Journey

and you are not alone in it.  Life Coach Luna guides and supports every step of the way. During this self-paced process, we will transform angers, fear and resentment into gratitude, compassion and love. Changes are immediately experienced in your whole being, body, and energy.

Once you’ve learned how to forgive yourself and others, you’ll have skills to live this way continuously, releasing the harmful toxins of resentment and raising to a vibration of love and compassion.

The Journey of Forgiveness a gentle process of learning how to forgive yourself and others that will transform your health, current relationships, and future plans.




You’ll receive:

  • Discovery & Assessment during your free initial consultation
  • Journey of Forgiveness Workbook
  • 6 one-hour sessions with Luna (weekly or bi-weekly suggested)
  • 6 VIP reserved spaces for in our online Group Meditations ($90 value)
  • Practical tools and ongoing support for your journey

† Your first meeting with Luna is free and does not count as one of your 6 packaged sessions.

Please Note: Your spiritual life coaching program includes 6 sessions which may be scheduled any time in the next three months. To avoid missing appointments due to heavy booking, we recommend you go ahead and schedule each of your appointments now at the times that work for you, based on your availability each week.  You may, of course, reschedule later if something comes up, we just request 48 hours’ notice.