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Finding your Life Purpose & Path

“Why am I here?”…the eternal question. It needn’t go unanswered any longer.  Your life purpose is the reason you are here on this planet at this time. You have been born with talents and gifts unique and necessary to the spiritual evolution of the world.  Finding your life purpose is only the beginning though. Now, how to live it?

Through Life Path Discovery with Luna, you’ll discover the practical ways in which you may implement these gifts starting today, right where you are. Beginning with an online spiritual assessment, Luna will help clarify where you are currently, discover any resistance or obstacles in your way, and develop a 6 month holistic strategy for illuminated living.

Your free initial session with Luna explores the areas of your life that are not working, and helps you recognize the root causes of relationship blocks, lifestyle and health obstacles, career miscues, and everything else in between. With monthly consultations, Luna will be your guide and support through important life cycles and transitions, each session building on the previous. You’ll receive recorded meditations, exercises, and techniques for use between sessions to move forward in what your heart has been calling you to do all along.

Individual journeys with Luna are personalized and eclectic, incorporating practical techniques to best serve your intentions and goals. Any session could include:

Purchased individually, these services would come to $1400, in order to make this work accessible and affordable for all, a reduced package is offered: only $660

Finding your life purpose with Online Life Coach Luna begins with a free  spiritual assessment and online consultation.

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