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You have a life – a spouse, kids, job, pets, etc.  and this life make self-care and spiritual growth take a way-back seat.  Having a family and a career doesn’t have to stand in the way of your spiritual unfolding.  Luna’s online workshops and programs are designed to work within your schedule at your own pace.

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Online Life Coach Luna offers spiritual development and spiritual healing classes that work with your schedule & budget. Check our calendar often and sign up to be notified of new Meditation Courses Online, Energy Healing Classes, Chakra Training Classes, Law of Attraction and Abundance Workshops, Improving Body Image, Overcoming Food Addictions, Living with Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.  Learn about new spiritual development classes online, spiritual healing courses, and our free meditation online classes! 

Learn to Meditate at home in Life Coach Luna’s monthly Free Online Meditation Classes

There are a variety of health benefits to regular meditation such as lowering of blood pressure, cortisol levels (stress hormones) in the blood. Regular meditation also alleviates depression, reduces stress naturally, and relieves anxiety. Practicing quieting your body and mind, you will become naturally more relaxed and ready to face the challenges daily life presents.  All meditation classes are entirely guided by Life Coach Luna can be done in a seated position or lying down, headphones are recommended to reduce outside disturbance or distractions. Each month’s installment in the series of online meditation classes, introduces the basics of breathing techniques and exploration of form, benefits, and intention of meditation.  Click here to preview a class & sign up for the next free meditation class!