The Ups & Downs of Being an Empath

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What is an Empath, anyway?

According to educational psychologist and counselor Dr. Michael R. Smith, the primary characteristic of an empath is a high degree of sensitivity to the emotional state of other people, and scientific research has shown that this trait is present in 20 percent of the global population.

Could I really be one?

If you find yourself drawn to romantic partners, business situations, and platonic friends who are either emotionally unavailable or in constant crisis and turmoil, you may just be an Empath. If you’ve been called hypersensitive, over-emotional, or even crazy, you may just be an Empath. If you’ve suffered from fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue, or other autoimmune disease, you may just be an Empath. If you’ve spent most of your life wondering “what’s wrong with me?” you may just be an Empath.

The Ups

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  • You’re a good listener, people find it easy to share their life stories with you.
  • You are generally selfless, with a deep desire to assist people.
  • You have strong intuition, especially when it comes to ‘just knowing’ what someone else is experiencing.

The Downs

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  • You feel emotions deeply and cry easily, often for no reason.
  • You experience anxiety in busy public places like malls or at large social gatherings.
  • Watching the news, television, or movies with violence are uncomfortable, even unbearably painful for you.

The Truth about Empaths

Being an empath is not a disorder and it’s not a curse — although it can certainly make it challenging to navigate in our modern world surrounded by people who don’t understand.  There are amazing gifts too – we just have to learn how to use them without sacrificing our health and sanity in the process.

You Are Not Alone

You saw the statistic above – 20%. That’s your tribe – the people who understand you. That’s why I’m bringing us all together – in an online forum for folks of a different feather – us!  With understanding and support, you will discover new depths of compassion, love, and healing that our world so desperately needs.

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